Urban Savage

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Installation, performance, two paintings, 2008

According to Slovenia law, a living space, positioned on the ground only on four points should need no legal permissions. I have built a living space minimum size that still has the possibility for all the living
needs; a bed, a sink, place to cook and place for fun and entertainment. A house is 2x2x2M big and positioned on a metal construction 1,5M high. House and all its equipment is built out of trash and found materials. During the oppening a performer lived inside the house. He was trapped inside time and space, doing his everyday needs; cooking, reading, listening to the radio… The viewer could come to visit him but at the same time he/she became a part of the performance. Three static cameras were recording the performance and projecting the picture on three TV screens at the base of the house. After the performance the recordings became constant part of the installation.

Performance by Ludvik Bagari.

Work is part of the exhibition Against The History For a Bit Of Good Old Love done by Mark Požlep and Jaša, Gallery of Contemporary Art Celje, 2008

ub-1-ecbcc1be489654c986549a9838e8a652 Urban Savage, *exhibition view*

ub-2-a2828820641fb482fc840bfe02a2b558 Urban Savage, *exhibition view*

ub-4-84193d5a5cf4e312bf9fe0169cca10e6 Urban Savage, *exhibition view*

ub-5-a57d369707d292861613728c99235de6 Urban Savage, *performance documentation*

ub-6-9a993cd3e70cb2bc1b034b56129858e8 Urban Savage, *exhibition view*, Lake of Forgotten Dreams, oil and acrylic on canvas, 360x180cm

ub-7-c6ea2b705701473b6ba0927de2390006 Urban Savage, *exhibition view*, From Pinocchio's Diary:"If you touch my car, I kill you two times.", oil and acrylic on canvas, 360x 220cm