Fireplace, Axe and a Banana-peel

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Installation, various materials, dimension variable, video 8’45”, 2008

The project started as an answer to the brutal reaction on my artwork Last Supper Of Superheroes presented in the Gallery in Ribnica, Slovenia. An unknown night visitor broke into the gallery and destroyed the artwork with an axe. He/she run away and left the axe behind.
In the underground of the gallery i built a wooden, Slovenian hunting room looking habitat of three superheroes. Egocentric Batman, fulfilled with his own fame, fanatically religious Superman who thinks that he is Jesus and schizophrenic, cartoonie liked Bananaman with big sexual problem.
The room itself served as a platform for performance. During the performance the superheroes die because of their ideals, the last one is bananaman, falling on an axe.

The viewer enters the underground room through the cargo elevator; this is the only way in and out. He/she is faced with the effect and on the video there is a cause for this situation.

With Velibor Barišic, Ludvik Bagari, Jaša, Hana S Vodeb and Samo Letonja