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Public intervention, durational performance, public installation, 2016

Mark’s installation – a durational performance in which the artist will stay five days on a self-build raft, ‘the island’, connected to the outside world through a sporadic radio broadcast – is a thoughtful accomplice of this gesture: a courageous, symbolic action of displacement, ‘Island’ illustrates contrasting interpretations of alienation of an individual inside the society, being it intentional (personal escape/retreat) or involuntary (forced exclusion).

In artist’s case it remains impossible to access or exit the island. Communication is restricted and movement limited. The presence of the ‘human’ on the island, however, makes the island real. The messages he sends out on air are optimistic. He nevertheless reveals his actual situation in subtle details.

Text by Maja Lozic

brdg-mark-pozlep-donderdag-22-2-3633fbc1020d4168baad768548c0aa48 Island, performance documentation, photo by Mark Rietveld

brdg-mark-pozlep-donderdag-05-8e185db7dd90ad25d387804dd46cfc5b Island, performance documentation, photo by Mark Rietveld

brdg-mark-pozlep-vrijdag-07-b73fb7363f3290b359e8d073070dcfe1 Island, performance documentation, photo by Mark Rietveld

brdg-mark-pozlep-donderdag-47-4d47fd47e270d4e2ec8e6f83a8869a82 Island, radio transmission in the tunnel, photo by Mark Rietveld

d1-d4dbc2ac7f63dc57eee5c68b9168fc46 Island, performance documentation

d9-6fcf8dac96e1c3292e840a435b292619 Island, performance documentation

d15-c7ae56f0926464b78e0e48996c38feeb Island, performance documentation

d14-3759bd66af77ced7e607b7bc9a07af31 Island, performance documentation

dscf7819-0f86e8027cdc98308b23b0517bdb5951 *Exhibition view*

dscf7818-87b77d38bcc81bc265ea2b118da6872f *Exhibition view*

dscf7813-41d860ec6c6db1ec177735b9c8a646de *Exhibition view*

dscf7808-b45dac0c0202851da1cd8331bfd3b564 *Exhibition view*