Blueprint For Revolution

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Durational performance, video, artist book, paintings/objects 2017

With Blueprint for Revolution Mark Požlep shares his sailing adventures around Manhattan in a canoe that he purchased online as a means to explore human reconciliation through conflicting notions of freedom.
Known for his interdisciplinary travelogues, Požlep’s maritime initiative reflects upon the history of an island that occupies the realm of fantasy, discovery, conquest, and survival in the human imagination. Through the physical act of sailing, Požlep activates these ideas by confronting the island’s overwhelming capitalist system. In his journey, nuanced relationships with history, current political state of affairs, and social complexities on the island are revealed through dialog he engages with descendants of Native inhabitants of Manhattan – Ramapaugh Lunaape Nation, reflecting on questions such as: What remains when freedom ends? How much past do we need for the future?
The failure to truly map Manhattan opens a generous space in which futile and vulnerable human prospect becomes larger than the place itself.

Produced by:
RU - Residency Unlimited, NY
Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti, SLO

dscf6088-642cca2429db0a80efc71934e3c33ab2 Blueprint for revolution, performance documentation, 2017


dscf6051-cd868d0ad8404150bfc446bbb32dc023 Blueprint for revolution, performance documentation, 2017